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Facts about the Dye Sublimation Printing Process
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Facts about our Dye Sublimation Printing Process


Our Garments: 

Our custom full-printed garments leave a permanent and bright image and is produced on a soft shirt that gives high photographic quality results. Tees are made with high-quality, 100% spun polyester and deliver the look and feel of organic cotton with the wickability of poly-performance fibers; providing a great fit with a soft feel. 


About Dye Sublimation: 

Dye sublimation is a shirt printing technique that allows all-over-printing of full color images with superior softness. Your artwork is first printed onto large sheets of specialty paper. Then, images are transferred onto the garments using heat and pressure machines. Heat converts the solid dye from the paper into a gas and the pressure bonds them to the fibers of the garments. The dye is absorbed by the garment, which differs from the screen printing, where the ink sits on top of the garment. 


Unique Effects that make it One-of-a-Kind!! 

The sublimation printing process produces the most vibrant images and unique effects! Because of the nature of the printing process, no two shirts will ever be completely alike. Various unique effects (like seam highlights) will appear based on the natural shirt folds and how the artwork is applied to the shirts manally. These effects are part of the printing process,and we think they help to enhance the overall custom look and feel of the printed garment. Please note these "effects" are not "defects" and are considered part of the typical finished garment and do not warrant an item as returnable or deffective. If you have questions or concerns about the printing process or a finished garment you have received, please contact us via email: sundae@inyourfaceapparel.com 


Images of Finished Garment Effects: 

Whiskers1.jpg Whiskers2.jpg Whiskers3.jpg

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